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Bodyworx Medical Spa: A Life-Changing Discovery by Sinjin Pineda

Last June 26, I was invited to a “spampering” session at a newly opened medical spa in the city. I went on to attend only expecting to get a regular facial, but boy was I wrong.

Bodyworx Medical Spa is a medical couple’s venture into the emerging medi-spa industry in Cebu. Whether we admit it or not, the dominance of social media in our lives has made us more conscious of our beauty and wellness. Doctors Andy and Sugar Mantilla, both certified aesthetic medical practitioners, recognize the need to raise the level of beauty and aesthetic services in Cebu, a market which is still influenced by Manila-based brands.

From their humble beginnings carrying out treatments at their apartment, they recently opened a 141 square meter spa at the Retail Level of Solinea Tower 1, just beside Rustan’s Ayala. When I stepped inside, I was awed by the elegant interiors (I recently learned that the space was designed by Kathrynn Dawn Sy.), it felt like I was in a hotel and I knew right away that my experience will be extraordinary.

The Experience

Bodyworx is not a fastfood of facials, where you walk in and choose from a menu of services. First, I filled out a patient information sheet (it is 3-pages long!) to detail my health condition, medical history, skin products I use, and past skin procedures/treatments I tried.

The next step is to proceed to the assessment room (every patient will undergo a complimentary and mandatory assessment before any procedure is performed or prescription is made) using the VISIA Skin Analysis.

Repeat Visit

Based on the skin analysis on my first visit, Docs Andy and Sugar noticed that I have deep acne scars on both sides of my forehead. You actually won’t notice them if you don’t have a keen eye, but I got them during high school when I had breakouts and I would aggressively and carelessly prick them myself. Doc Sugar recommended that I come back for a non-surgical treatment for my acne scars.

Last July 9, I revisited Bodyworx for this procedure called Air Dissector.

You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw the instant results. (I’ll be updating this post soon to add a before and after photo) The procedure was pain-free because topical anesthesia was applied before the treatment.

I’d personally like to thank Doctors Andy and Sugar for giving me a renewed confidence! The two of them are probably some of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet, and I love how amiable, honest, and transparent they are when it comes to our skin concerns. I cannot wait for my next visit!


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