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Joanna Cuenco (Sunstar Cebu): A stylish, personal touch to skin care

ENTERING Bodyworx Medical Spa feels more like entering a hotel lobby rather than a skin clinic, with its sophisticated high-ceiling, stone-finish reception area.

The husband and wife tandem behind Bodyworx, aesthetic medicine practitioners Andy and Sugar Mantilla, had their humble beginnings providing skin treatments in their apartment. Three years later, to accommodate their growing clientele and range of services, they have recently opened this beautiful, full-fledged clinic in Cebu Business Park with four treatment rooms and dedicated areas for IV and nail treatments.

We are accustomed to choosing from a menu of services, but one of the things that makes Bodyworx unique is the thorough analysis that will be done on each client in order to determine what service would be most effective. In the same way we go to our regular doctors, we don’t tell them what needs to be done; we get a check-up and are then advised what to do.

Aside from the patient information sheet, clients will be asked to go into detail about their skin concern, what products they use for skin care, and what past procedures they have tried. Doctors Andy and Sugar make sure that they are able to consult with every patient for a thorough assessment, and take the time to educate their clients on everything from product ingredients, to how a certain type of laser works. They aim to provide personalized, effective treatments that their clients can enjoy in a very clean and comfortable clinic. Though both Andy and Sugar are doctors, they differ from dermatologists in that their treatments do not require pathologic testing. The services at Bodyworx are cosmetic to enhance the health and vibrancy of the skin, rather than medical, which focuses on treating diseases.

Facials are Bodyworx’s trademark treatment, and often last up to two hours. Those who regularly go to skin clinics will recognize state-of-the-art machines like Ulthera, Pollogen, Mesobiolift and Opera; these are all offered at Bodyworx for less compared to other clinics. Other face and body treatments target pigmentation, scarring, acne, fat reduction and hair removal. In a separate area, clients can avail of several types of IV vitamin therapies (popularly known as drips), and nail services including the fun and unique 3-D nail art printing. Each lounge chair in the nail area even comes with a tablet so you can chill while having your nails done.


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